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LIngaia Mission

Learning with Lingaia gives you the language immersion you need. Additionally, Lingaia bridges the gap between linguistic research and language teaching and learning. The methods you find here are tested by linguists and teachers so that you may implement them in your own classrooms and in your own studies. 

Teachers will benefit by reading about methods, strategies, and ideas to help their students learn more efficiently. 

Learners will benefit by joining Lingaia lessons and/or clubs, and by discovering new language learning strategies and resources to continue their language journeys. 

It is my sincere hope and desire that you find the information here helpful and insightful!

Keep learning.

Tanner LeTourneau

American linguist, language teacher, and methodologist.

My language learning journey began at a very young age. I had my first Spanish class while in elementary school as a summer class. I learned two words... penguino... and tuxedo. Not the most useful, unless you're at a formal penguin event. 

I continued learning Spanish and eventually got my Bachelor's degree. Along the way, I also began studying both Arabic and German (now admittedly rusty). I had found my passion. Ultimately, it led me to a Master's degree in linguistics, a graduate TESOL certification, and my current career.

I want to help people learn a new language in the most effective ways possible. But! It should be a fun experience. I utilize research from 1st and 2nd language acquisition to ensure the best experience for learners.

I began teaching English in 2015 and never looked back. I've taught everyone from children to adults and casual learners to business professionals. At present, I'm based in the Czech Republic and spend my time working and learning Czech (for survival) and hoping to add French (for fun).

I've been designing my own materials since 2015 but started working professionally as a methodologist in 2019.

I hope you find the resources available on this site to be beneficial for your language teaching and learning endeavors!


  • MA Linguistics

  • BA Spanish & Middle Eastern studies


  • Graduate TESOL

  • TEFL

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