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Welcome teachers!

How to level up your teaching

Check out the best teaching approach below! Whether you want some activity, warmer, or filler ideas or if you want to read about some of the best teaching methodologies around, this space is for you. As an experienced teacher and methodologist, I also offer feedback for your own materials and teaching. If you have something great, I'll share it on the blog and, of course, give credit where credit is due.

Simply put, it's a little bit of everything. The fact is people have learned languages throughout history (yes even without all of our fancy resources), and learners vary greatly in their preferred learning strategies.

That said, I believe that the following is what should be focused on the majority of the time. 

Understanding is achieved through interaction

successful communication > ​perfect grammar

Authentic texts​

learners need to be exposed to real-life language​

Improving strategies for understanding​

using pictures, chunking, questions, etc. ​

Personal experiences​

the learner's lives are important and should affect the lesson content​

Using language in novel ways​

A little bit of imagination doesn't hurt.


Guide and support your students in taking ownership of their learning

Click below for teaching ideas, methodologies, and more!

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Principled eclecticism

This is the best approach to teaching any language... but what does it mean?

Materials feedback

Send your lesson plans, activities, and ideas here and receive feedback and suggestions.

Teaching feedback

Send teaching questions for answers and feedback.

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